Neo-Nazi Ukraine Deploys Children for War! (15.4.2022)

With Nearly Every Man Now Dead in the Ukraine – the Neo-Nazis Are Arming the Children!

The AFU has suffered such huge losses in recent months that no amount of US, UK or EU aid can save the Neo-Nazi Regime it serves! With all the old people annihilated in the first few days of Volkssturm deployment – all that is left are the children! Enticed with promises of toys and sweets – the Neo-Nazi Maidan regime are ‘aiming’ children heavily ladened with the best weaponry the US, UK and EU can provide, and pointing them in the general direction of the Russian Army! President Zelensky has defended this decision by laying the blame on the people of Donbass themselves stating that if only they would read Mein Kampf and give Hitler a chance, none of this would have to happen! Joe Biden has agreed with this logic and is considering outlawing Russia as a concept! Stephen King commented ‘Jeez, this war is really hotting up!’

Кого я только что увидел?! Это дети?!

Это дети?! 🙈🙈🙈 они сумасшедшие?! Может я ошибаюсь?



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