Long Live Comrade Bala! Long Live the Fight Against Neo-Fascism & Neo-Nazism! (15.4.2022)

Fascist & Nazis – You Shall Not Pass!

The ideology of fascism and Nazism – of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism – strives to destroy the minds and bodies of non-White people! Therefore, logic dictates that the fascist and Nazi ideology is the enemy of ALL non-White people on Earth! Furthermore, ‘White’ people who do not conform to the contrived norms associated with racial purity – are also designated as ‘undesirables’ and as ‘enemies of the State’ and are slated for psychological and physical extinction!

The ‘Victory Banner’ of the Soviet Red Army and the Modern Russian Army!

Disabled people, Jews, gays, Romany and ALL Communists and Socialists (excluding Trotskyite who collude with and support fascism) are assigned for ‘extermination’! This means that a large proportion of the ‘White’ population is also targeted by the ideology of fascism and Nazism – so why should ‘White’ people support it? White people should unite with non-White people to fight and oppose the destructive forces of fascism whether it manifests within the British Parliament, the US streets, Berlin or the Ukraine! We should oppose fascism and Nazism with our minds and with our bodies! Just as Russia is militarily opposing fascism and Nazism in the Ukraine – we must intellectually, rhetorically, emotionally and spiritually oppose this terrible plague that has swept across the world!

The Nazi Germans Surrendered to the Soviet Union on May 9th, 1945!

Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan fought British fascism whilst sat in a British prison cell for nine-years! If a man in his 70s can do this – we can follow and learn from his ‘Maoist’ example in our everyday lives! He resisted British fascism on every level of his being whilst the British Establishment sought to belittle, sully and destroy his good working-class reputation and inspired leadership of the Communist Collective and Workers’ Institute!

In this, his erstwhile daughter – ‘Prem’ – has been busy ‘hiding’ and ‘wiping-out’ her ethnic ‘Indian’ background as she attempts to ‘disappear’ into the White community – the fascism of which she has collaborated with, encouraged, and helped assist in the oppression of her father! Katy Morgan-Davis – as she is now known – will soon learn that the White (racist) community she has helped destroy her father will ultimately ‘reject’ her – once they have finished with her and have no further need of her lies and disinformation! She is definitely a modern ‘Kapo’ working the the side of fascism and Nazi oppression!

We Must Heroically Fight the Forces of Fascism Every time They Re-Emerge!

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