Sainsburys Supporting Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (11.4.2022)

The Supermarkets Are Being Ordered By Far-Right Tory Government!

I suspect that ALL the High-Street retailers have fallen in-line with the dictates of the far-right Tory Junta that the British middle-classes have continued to elect since 2010 (and all we have lost as a nation is our schooling system and the NHS, as well as a comprehensive Welfare State)! It is not that the Labour Party is any better or serves as a viable alternative, and the LibDems are just a crap (but ‘dangerous’) version of the Tory Party dreaming of power once again! The LibDems definitely have a dream – and that dream is to take the UK back into the European Union (EU) – only this time as a truly subordinate partner who has learned his lesson during its stint in the socio-economic wilderness (Brexit)! As and when the Tory establishment takes the UK back into the EU – we will be on a par with the Neo-Nazi Ukraine State which routinely commits War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! Indeed, since 2014, the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Junta of Ukraine, (brought to power by Obama and Cameron), has murdered around 14,000 innocent men, women and children in the Donbass region! Remember this fact when the tannoy-system in Sainsburys Super-Markets cheerfully announces that you can ‘give’ money to the Neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine (packaging the Neo-Nazis as ‘suffering’ tyranny at the hands of the Russians who have come to the aid of the beleaguered Donbass population)! UK,

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