LPR: Happy Red Army Day (23.2.2022)

Translator’s Note: Ironically, or purposefully, Russia’s anti-fascist ‘Special Operation would proceed a day after this celebration – 24.2,2022) – but only after Lugansk and Donetsk had been ‘officially’ diplomatically ‘recognised by Russia! The Western media had been preparing the populace with the usual ‘thought control’ methods directed by their respective governments! Much of this infantile and simplistic reporting was openly racist in nature (and factually ‘incorrect’) – and remains so to this day! Again, ironically, Biden and Johnson – as a dysfunctional double-act – have done more damage to international capitalism than any Socialist regime! ACW (11.4.2022)

Congratulations to the Defenders of the Motherland and Veterans of the Armed Forces on the Anniversary of the Invincible and Legendary Red Army! All health, optimism and strength for the Victory!

Russian Language Text:


Защитников Отечества и ветеранов вооружённых сил от души поздравляем с годовщиной непобедимой и легендарной Красной Армии! Всем здоровья, оптимизма и сил для Победы!

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