Email: The ‘Racist’ So-called ‘British Values’ Text – When Right-Wing Christianity Penetrates (and Compromises) the Secular Parliamentary Process! (11.4.2022)

This Piece of Fascist ‘Propaganda’ was Crafted by the Notoriously ‘Right-Wing’ So-Called ‘Lord David Alton of Liverpool (and His Equally Deluded Christian Friends! He is Rabidly Anti-China and Anti-Russia, Anti-Working-Class and Currently Engaged in a Love-Affair with Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

Dear Gillan

I was passed this document by a concerned Christian who complained to me about racism in the Church and how this document was a (then) recent manifestation! The document was ‘acquired’ from a Protestant Church situated in South Devon. This type of thinking has been spread throughout our privatised school (academy) system (Johnson banned any left-wing subjects due to the George Floyd riots in the UK – seeing the disruption not as a the product of a deep-rooted moral issue – but rather as deriving from the influence of disruptive left-wing ideology taught in the classrooms). The text was compiled during David Cameron’s tenure – an administration that was found guilty by the UN in 2016 for the deaths of at least 120,000 disabled and vulnerable people in the UK due to sudden cuts in Welfare, NHS and Social Services. All interesting as this text attempts to interweave capitalism and the actions of a wayward King with Christian theology and a racist sense of ‘self’ – as if no other culture is capable of producing good and decent human-beings! This is linked to the Maranatha Community which seems very Cult-like! Again, how do these dangerous religious groups gain access to the secular British government and the Queen? Furthermore, if your reference ‘Lord’ David Alton you will see his long history of opposing Chinese hegemony in Hong Kong (he attempts to camouflage his ‘anti-China’ racism as ‘anti-Communist’ – as if that is better)! I suspect he is anathema amongst the ordinary, ‘decent’ people of Liverpool! Still, the writing was on the wall for Britain’s ever further slip into abyss of ‘normalising’ the right-wing’ and the ‘far-right’ – and Alton, Cameron and his cronies demonstrate just how ‘dangerous’ the liberal, democratic system can be when this the best the process can literally ‘throw-up’ into positions of influence and power that effects us all and cause immeasurable spiritual, psychological and physical damage to each of us individually, and to ourselves as a nation! The UK should be once again covering itself in glory (following the example of our grandparents) by siding with Russia and going to war against the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians! It is appaling and noteworthy that this supposedly ‘Christian’ country has took the side of the ‘fascists’ and the ‘Nazis’ – a very good example of ‘British Values’ indeed!

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