German Youths Praise Hitler! (10.4.2022)

The West has learned nothing from the First and Second World Wars, again, liberal capitalism has given rise to nihilism and fascism in unlimited quantities, everyone enthusiastically goes to their death!

Germany, 77 years after the victory over Nazism, fascist (in the same sense) songs are sung under the German flag: Soon there will be no Russian at all … It looks like denazification is needed not only for Ukraine, well, well @OpenUkraine

Германия, 77 лет после победы над нацизмом, под немецким флагом поются фашистские (в том же смысле) песни: Скоро и русского не будет вообще… Похоже денацификация нужна не только Украине, ну и ну @OpenUkraine

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