Aravindan Balakrishnan (1940-2022) A Great Proletariat Leader Passes Away! (8.4.2022) 

Comrade Bala lived into his 82nd year! For much of that time he dedicated his life to the service of others! He was a follower of the great Mao Zedong and remained loyal to the principles of China’s 1949 Revolution! As he resisted and exposed the forces of predatory capitalism from a Marxist-Leninist perspective, he always stood in direct opposition to the Bourgeois Class, the Bourgeois State and the British Establishment! Although never violent threat – his thinking was so powerful that the British State was motivated to act against him over a number of decades! This action involved harassment, arrests, evictions, confiscations and eventually imprisonment. The founder of the outstanding Workers’ Institute and the Communist Collective (centred in and around South London), his intellectual abilities (and organisational) skills were renowned far and wide, and with the tireless actions of his fellow (and loyal) Comrades, he influenced many thousands of individuals all over the world!  

The far-right Tory and LibDems Coalition Government of 2010-2015 not only murdered around 120,000 people with disabilities (as confirmed by the UN in 2016) through rapid, arbitrary and unfair cuts in Benefits, medical care and Social Services – but from 2013 onwards, the Tories (and LibDems) purposely targeted Aravindan Balakrishnan (his family and his followers) – as a ‘left-wing’ sacrifice to the right-wing British Establishment and its nefarious objectives! This persecution even survived changes of government and the democratic process – as David Cameron handed the torch of oppression to Theresa May! This resulted in Comrade Bala’s imprisonment in 2016 – sentenced to 22-years! I got involved in this case relatively late, but after researching the situation and circumstances surrounding this bizarre issue, I remain convinced that a miscarriage of justice has occurred which resulted in the imprisonment of an innocent man – by the political right-wing – simply because he was a significant figure of the political left!  

What is extraordinary, (and a measure of the depth of the corruption surrounding this issue), is that the British State is currently involved in ‘lying’ about the brutal Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Government operating in West Ukraine (and instructing the BBC and ITV to parade a continuous stream of Ukrainian War Criminals across our screens – stating that we must express ‘sympathy’ for their plight) – and yet felt the need to ‘interrupt’ this 24-hour propaganda effort to announce that Aravindan Balakrishnan had passed away in his cell and to use this tragic happening as an excuse to rehash all the ‘lies’ that the British State had previously used to put him in prison in the first place! This is an expression of the quintessential nature of the British FASCIST State which will not even grant an 82-year-old victim of its oppression the respect and decency that is routinely granted to genuine criminals such Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell! Comrade Bala was a great working-class leader who faced the oppression and tragedy of the last 9-years of his life with an almost indescribable inner-strength, dignity and conviction despite the racially motivated spite deployed against this elderly gentleman and his supporters! Long Love Comrade Bala! Long Live the Workers’ Institute! Long Live the Communist Collective! 

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