Victory Day: Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League) of Tajikistan Congratulates the Communist Party of Donetsk! (9.5.2021)

Although Western Europe – particularly ‘Germany’ (together the US and UK are now on the side of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism) – nevertheless – a great many right-minded countries in the world still remember and value the Great Victory of the Soviet Union (USSR) over the forces of International Fascism (1941-1945), and the fact that the USSR took an organising role during the anti-fascist ‘Spanish Civil War’ (1936-1939), the Winter War (1938-1939) against a right-wing Finland, and two separate border-clashes against Imperial Japan during 1938 and 1939! Fascist Italy (and Franco’s Spain) – both encouraged by the pro-fascist Roman Catholic Church – would invade the USSR in 1941, with the Catholic Church taking a primary role in the formation of the ‘Nazi’ Ukrainian Nationalist Army (formed primarily in West Ukraine)! All these pro-fascist forces and entities would contribute equally to the murder of at least 41 million Soviet men, women and children (according to the latest figures), and not the lower numbers preferred by the bourgeois West! The Catholic Church has never stood trial for its pro-fascist crimes and continues to support fascist movements today!

Russian Language Article:

Поздравление ЛКСМ Республики Таджикистан с Днем Победы


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