So, the Donetsk Communists informed their Lugansk associates about the work done to restore the structures of the Party and the Komsomol, about the help of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in training Party leaders. Lugansk communists got acquainted with interest with the experience of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the DPR in the production of Party Cards and work on the revival of Pioneer Detachments. The Donetsk comrades were interested in the experience of Lugansk Party Members in working with supporters in the frontline Combat Units of the Republic.

1st Announcement of the All-Union Communist Party of Lugansk! (22.8.2015)

Honoured Militia Commanders, Defenders of Slavyansk, participants in the hostilities in Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, Deputies of the LPR Parliament of the 1st Convocation, Deputies of the Supreme Council of Novorossiya, Members of the First Government of the LPR, Communists who rallied to the avant-garde of the “Russian Spring” in Donbass and who stood in the front-ranks of the All-Union of Communists (absorbing the bullets of the fascists)!

“AZOV” – A Very Special Day of Recruitment for the Neo-Nazi (Ukrainian) Battalion! (23.6.2014)

“Azov” – a Special “Punitive” Police Unit created on the basis of the Neo-Nazi Public Associations “Automaidan” and “Patriots of Ukraine” in May. It has a staff of 250 people aged 25 to 30 years. 20 foreigners serve in Azov. About a dozen citizens of Russia who were originally Maidan activists, several citizens of the Scandinavian countries and a recruit from Italy.

Football: Are Ukrainian Far-Right Statements Fuelling a Neo-Nazi ‘Internationale’? By Vladimir Skachko [Владимир Скачко] (12.6.2021) 

And all this just to discredit Russia, and apply pressure to it, rewrite established history and remove Russia (the ‘USSR’) from the list of winners during the Second World War, relegating it to the role of Hitler’s accomplice! This is evidenced, for example, by numerous resolutions, statements and other proclamations of the European Parliament, the OSCE, the European Union, PACE, the Council of Europe condemning Hitlerism and conflating this fascist ideology with the Soviet Socialism of Stalinism!

Victory Day: Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League) of Tajikistan Congratulates the Communist Party of Donetsk! (9.5.2021)

Fascist Italy (and Franco’s Spain) – both encouraged by the pro-fascist Roman Catholic Church – would invade the USSR in 1941, with the Catholic Church taking a primary role in the formation of the ‘Nazi’ Ukrainian Nationalist Army (formed primarily in West Ukraine)! All these pro-fascist forces and entities would contribute equally to the murder of at least 41 million Soviet men, women and children (according to the latest figures), and not the lower numbers preferred by the bourgeois West!

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