BBC: Breakfast with a War Criminal! 

Imagine Hitler fresh from the hair salon explaining why it is that he and the German people – are ‘victims’ of Austrian, Czechoslovakian and Polish terrorism – and how to solve this matter lies in the West granting his ‘Nazi’ regime more money, more arms and a greater privileged treatment! Imagine every military action of resistance (arising in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland) being presented to the British audience as ‘Terrorism’ and the buildings destroyed by the Nazi German Army being blamed on the entrapped residents within or those non-German troops coming to their rescue! It could never happen, right? Accept it is HAPPENING on the BBC, ITV and throughout Europe and the US! It is happening every time the usurper and defiler Zelensky – the latest ‘Fuhrer’ of the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime in ‘Maidan’ Ukraine is sympathetically broadcast into our living rooms so that our children can be brainwashed into thinking the ‘Neo-Nazis’ are the true heroes and that ‘anti-fascists’ are the reviled criminals in our society! Every time Zelensky is interviewed in this deceptive manner – Hitler prevails without having to drop bombs on London! How did the UK produce a such deficient generation of this kind? 

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