All Union Communist Party of Lugansk: How the ‘Aidar’ Neo-Nazi Battalion Murdered My Lugansk Blogging Comrade! (7.4.2022)

I started my pro-Donbass activism after reading an article in the excellent ‘New Worker’ Newspaper produced by the ‘New Communist Party’ of the UK during 2014! The US-armed, financed and trained Neo-Nazi Battalions had just shot-down a Dutch Passenger Airliner with a NATO surface-to-air missile – and had immediately blamed Russia! I was contacted by a Comrade in the Donetsk Communist Party (mediated by a Chinese Comrade) with the idea that I could translate the Donetsk Communist Party blog into English. This I did – even being considered for Membership during this process!

As time progressed, my family carried the flags of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk through London during a May Day Parade – with a young Police Officer being told to stand to my right side all the way through the march – obviously ‘listening’ to our conversations! These evolved around me and Gee discussing the feeding of our children and the changing of their nappies – so nothing particularly treasonous on this occasion! We were also carrying a Red Flag with Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin on it – but this did not seem to bother the Police as much!

Whilst Twitter Routinely Persecutes and Hinders the Communist Movement – the ‘Azov’ Neo-Nazi Battalion Has a Number Twitter Pages Dedicated to Its ‘Operations’ and Their Ever-growing Fan-Base in the US! One Twitter Page is Entitled ‘Hitlerites Take No Prisoners!’

Around 2016, I was contacted via social media by a young Russian woman who lived on the front-line of the Donbass region in the area claimed by the People’s Republic of Lugansk! This Comrade enquired as to whether I could assist the Lugansk Communist Party in the same way I had helped the Donetsk Communist Party by translating the All Union Communist Party of Lugansk online political blog! Of course, I immediately agreed. The ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime has sought Zionist Israel about how an unruly population should be controlled. This led to the bizarre situation of ex-IDF Members joining the Neo-Nazi Battalions and training the membership of far-right thugs from around the world! These ‘Battalions’ (sometimes pretentiously termed ‘Regiments’) are named after Nazi German Military Formations that contributed toward the murder of over 41 million Soviet men, women and children – including a very high percentage of Soviet Jews! Israelis supporting these ‘Neo-Nazi’ Battalions is just one of the many paradoxes that permeates this conflict!

The ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime was advised by its Israeli supporters to routinely ‘turn-off’ the gas, electricity and water supply to the disputed territories within Donbass! This is a tactic also used in Singapore to ‘punish’ sections of the population (invariably ‘Indian’ or ‘Tamil’) which vote for candidates that are left of centre and advocate China-friendly policies! This simple violation of Human Rights limits the development of an infrastructure, jeopardises hospital treatment, prevents proper educational activities and limits how and when members of a society can access the internet, spread news and communicate with others.

Around November, 2018, all updates on the All Union Communist Party of Lugansk Blog ceased. Although the Comrades in other parts of Lugansk had simultaneously developed a ‘VK‘ presence, the two entities operated independent of one another – and for good reason! The US had advised the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime to recruit, train and unleash a paramilitary unit of men and women motivated by (anti-Russian) far-right ideology against Donbass – but to achieve this by generating an information ‘black-out’ – to prevent any news of this deliberate destruction and murdering of the population reaching the liberal West and risking the development of a groundswell of support for the beleaguered people of Donbass!

For four-years I did not know why the above blog had not been updated. I assumed that perhaps the area of Lugansk the blogging-Comrades had been living in had been overrun by the Neo-Nazi Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine! I recently discovered that the young woman who had originally made contact with me had been arrested with her father and younger bother by the ‘Aidar’ Neo-Nazi Battalion in November, 2018. She was subjected to rape and torture – before all three were taken out into the local square where the terrified local population had been forced to gather! A pronouncement of all three being ‘Sentenced to Death’ by the Maidan Government was read-out on the grounds of ‘Malicious Communication with the Enemy’! All three were forced to kneel – whilst an ‘Aidar’ Neo-Nazi Battalion Commander shot each individual in the base of the neck (what he proudly termed ‘SS’ style).

The Nazi Germans Termed These Units ‘Punitive’ Battalions Which Were Responsible for Carry-Out Pogroms of Mass-Murder! My Comrades were Murdered By These Fasxist Entities Manned By Paedophiles, Cut-Throats and Rapists!

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