All Union Communist Party of Lugansk: How the ‘Aidar’ Neo-Nazi Battalion Murdered My Lugansk Blogging Comrade! (7.4.2022)

The US had advised the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime to recruit, train and unleash a paramilitary unit of men and women motivated by (anti-Russian) far-right ideology against Donbass – but to achieve this by generating an information ‘black-out’ – to prevent any news of this deliberate destruction and murdering of the population reaching the liberal West and risking the development of a groundswell of support for the beleaguered people of Donbass!

All Union of Communists of Lugansk: The ‘Liberation’ of a City Called ‘Happiness’! By Kazbek Taysaev (25.3.2022)

This is a ‘post’ from the ‘VK’ page associated with the Kugansk Communist Party! Schast’ye (Счастье). This translates as ‘Happiness’! Such a symbolic name is given to a city liberated from the Ukrainian Nazis, located in the Lugansk region. Civilians were subjected to heavy shelling by the Ukrainian army – one of the largest groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and (Neo-Nazi) National Battalions, in particular – the notorious ‘Aidar’ – was located here!