Neo-Nazi Ukraine is Like A WWII Film Set! (5.4.2022)

I believe ‘stage 1’ of the West has been the implementation of a blanket-denial regarding the existence of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine. ‘Stage 2’ is two divert the public’s attention with an overtly dichotomised (and bias) news coverage designed to ‘obscure’ the reality of Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine. To combat this trickery I have had to ‘disengage’ from a direct reporting of the news itself so as to keep an eye on the Neo-Nazi ball, so to speak! I believe the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime is like an re-enactment that somehow ened-up with political power in the Ukraine! Although stuck in an early 1980s fashion convulsion, these people refuse to don suits even during Peace Talks that could save thousands of lives – where one Ukrainian turned-up wearing shorts!

If it wasn’t for the professional pride of the Ukrainian Army (which was once an important part of the Soviet Red Army), the ‘Maidan’ regime would have collapsed a long time ago! As matters stand, the numerous Neo-Nazi Battalions are on the frontline (where they murdered around 14,000 residents of Donbass over an eight-year period between 2014-2022), but which are now suffering devastating losses against the Chechen Special Forces and the Russian Army! I suspect these far-right men and women from the world over are being promised money, drugs, whores and citizenship in the US, UK and the EU as a reward for their anti-Russian services! What many are now realising is that goose-stepping around sports halls on a Staurday morning is very different to facing a heavily armed and highly motivated (anti-fascist) Russian soldier!

There is Much Play-Acting in the Ukraine! A Mimicry of a Dreadful Past!
Ukrainian ‘Eulogising’ of the Nazi German ‘SS@ – Images the West Are Trying to Hide!

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