Lugansk: Irina Gordievich – Her Swastika was Discovered in the Morgue! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 41! (1.4.2022)

Irina Gordievich was born in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of West Ukraine, grew up and, like all Western Ukrainians, lived from hand to mouth (they have neither factories nor land there – only stones and mushrooms), and therefore migrated to work in Greece, where she washed the arses of the Greeks in nursing homes for three euros. In 2014, the Holy Maidan knocked on her head, because. as this Neo-Nazi regime was supported by the West, all of its supporters were encouraged to migrate as workers into the European Union (EU) where they were promised Visas, EU Citizenship, Welfare, housing, employment and free education! The corruption of the Maidan officials, however, demanded that Irina pay 35 euros for her ‘free’ Visa – and quite rightly she refused! So here she stayed – the EU was deprived of her angelic face. Irina, however, still felt called to the Holy Maidan, and she entered service in the Paramilitary (Neo-Nazi) Battalion named “Lugansk-1” – within which she was trained and encouraged to rob and kill the inhabitants of the Lugansk region! In fact, all the supporters of the Maidan Junta regularly received only a basic (and low) cash payment for their ‘policing’ activities from Avakov – and so they robbed, raped and pillaged the population of the Donbass for their own enrichment – providing a certain percentage of the spoils went to Avakov. Irina was an ‘enforcer’ who killed the local population of Donbas – whilst collecting the required ‘protection’ payments from other members of the Paramilitary (Neo-Nazi) Battalions operating throughout the region – before escorting it safely to Avakov and Turchinova in Kyiv! Now Irina’s life-path has been played-out and is completed in the Lugansk region! Only when her dead body was examined in the morgue was her pectoral decoration in the form of a Nazi German swastika discovered!

Ирина Гордиевич родилась в Ивано-Франковской области, выросла и как все западенцы в жила впроголодь (у них там нет ни заводов, ни земли – одни камни да грибы), а потому оттуда перекочевала на заработки в Грецию, мыть жопы грекам в домах престарелых за трёшку евро.

В 2014 году Святой Майдана постучал ей в голову, т.к. на нём всем заробитчанам в Европе пообещали, что визы в Европу станут бесплатные, а рогули побежали на майдан, т.к. не хотели постоянно платить за визы по 35 евро.

После Святого Майдана она поступила на службу в ментовский батальон «Луганск-1» и отправилась грабить и убивать жителей Луганской области.

Собственно, все майдановцы добровольно получили ментовские ксивы от Авакова и грабили Донбасс не только себе, но и делились с Аваковым.

Кассиром был Кива, он собирал награбленное с ментовских батальонов и отвозил в Киев Авакову и Турчинову.

Теперь жизненный путь Ирины завершён в Луганской области, только в морге заинтересовались её нагрудным украшением в виде свастики.

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