Non-White People – Do Not Support the (Racist) White Establishment in Its Support of Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (31.3.2022)

The White Establishment spreads far and wide! It is the bourgeois (middle) class which currently controls the means of production! The dominant, Western branch has never acknowledged its racism, or apologised for its many ongoing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! Indeed, the perpetuators of the predatory, capitalist system interpret ‘conflict’ (and ‘war’) as being ‘good for business’! Whilst the US, UK and EU countries actively support the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta with arms, military training and lavish re-settlement plans – the same Establishment is attempting to ‘starve-out’ Russia with sanctions that look like they will back-fire and cause more damage to the Western-perpetuators than the intended victims! Of course, the lack of any credible morality in ‘starving’ anti-fascist Russia whilst feeding the already engorged (on Western aid) Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – does not concern the ‘business as usual’ White Establishment!

February 23rd – the ‘Red Army’ Day! The Workers Have Just Two Friends – the Red Army and the Red Navy!

This is the stark situation. Black, Asian and all other non-White people must unite against a) the existential White (bourgeois) Establishment we all have to ‘exist’ within in the West, and b) the Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Junta – which has raped, tortured and murdered around 14,000 since 2014! Any right-minded White people are welcome, of course, but the political approach must be ‘Proletariat’ and emphasis ‘Liberation’ from neo-imperialism! We can build a United Front against fascism and Neo-Nazism, but we must be clear in our objectives. It is the intended ‘victims’ of fascism and Neo-Nazism – that is the non-White population – that must take the lead in combatting the White Establishment and its policy. Simply letting the White Establishment ‘change’ its position from originally ‘rejecting’ fascism to now ‘accepting’ Neo-Nazism (simply because its Hitlerite-derived Ideology is ‘anti-Russian’) is unacceptable! We must not collectively sit quietly and allow this shift in attitudes to unfold and prevail!

General Ji Hongchang (吉鸿昌) Joins the Communist Party of China and Vows to Fight Japanese Fascism to the Very End! (February, 1932)

We, the ‘victims’ of this far-right ideology cannot accept the fact that ‘we’ are being forced – by the racist White Establishment – to a) accept the ‘normalisation’ of Neo-Nazism, and b) allow the idea that numerous Ukrainian War Criminals (under the pretence of being vulnerable ‘refugees’) will be forcibly inserted into our multicultural communities and be allowed to inflict their hate-filled ideology upon our minds and bodies and upon the minds and bodies of our children! Remember, the brainwashed children of these Ukrainian Neo-Nazis will be enforced into our schools – with these children inhabiting a multicultural environment for the first time in their lives! No doubt the racist White Establishment will be busy ‘blaming’ our children for their ‘violent’ behaviour when they are forced to ‘defend’ themselves from the psychological and physical violence that these thugs will undoubtedly inflict!

The North Vietnamese Army (Under Ho Chi Chi) Scored a Stunning People’s Victory Over the Imperialist French At Bien Dien Phu in 1954!

The White racist Establishment, in its support for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Junta – is transferring the ‘rights’ we currently enjoy as citizens of imperfect multicultural States – to these complete strangers simply because the US, UK and EU are engaged in a damage limitation exercise within which they are attempting to hide the fact that it is they who illegally brought the ‘Maidan’ to power in 2014 (due to its anti-Russian and pro-Hitlerite orientation)! Their criminal acts need to be punished in and of themselves!

The White (racist) Establishment has ordered our own media and our own schools to broadcast pro-Neo-Nazi rhetoric so that our own non-White children are being forced by the White racist Establishment to internalise and accept a vicious and ruthless far-right political ideology that has at its base – the utter destruction of the minds and bodies of ALL non-White people! Yes – the White racist Establishment is preparing and grooming the children of non-White parents to expect and accept their own mental and physical destruction by the Ukrainian Hitlerites – and we say NO to this! We must fight back! We must resist with everything we have!

We must form a new Red Army without boundaries which psychologically, spiritually, consciously, emotionally and physically opposes, blocks, checks, fights and destroys these bastard creations of the Hitlerite imagination! I accuse the White racist Establishment of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! And I accuse the White Fascist British State of plotting the destruction and demise of all non-White people through its embracing and support of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi cause! I Stand firm in my conviction regardless of what the British State does to my mind and body! These words have a power of their own because belong to humanity! Onward my fellow Comrades – we have a future to win!

In August 1945, under the overwhelming force of Chinese and international anti-fascist forces, the Japanese army announced its unconditional surrender!

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