Mariupol: Russian Marines Housing Clearing Azov Neo-Nazi Terrorists! (31.3.2022)

Russisn Navy Marines Combat the Azov Terrorists Who Have Occupied Residential Areas!

‼️🇬🇧The Marines of the Russian Navy in street battles in Mariupol. The fighters are moving through the city buildings, the Nazis from Azov have settled in the apartments, they are firing Western-supplied RPGs, machine guns and sniper weapons.

‼️🇷🇺Морская пехота ВМФ России в уличных боях в Мариуполе.

Бойцы продвигаются сквозь городскую застройку, в квартирах засели нацисты из “Азова”, ведут огонь из РПГ, пулеметов и снайперского оружия.

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