Comrade Bala’s Petition – Please Sign and Share!

The Working-Class possess the greatest power – that of collective and progressive power! Even within the ‘White’ bourgeois societies of the West – we can still prevail in matters of collective will! Of course, the Workers could win all the time but they do not because the bourgeoisie have brainwashed them to be both docile and selfish! Comrade Bala is an innocent man who was scapegoated by the Tory and LibDem Coalition government that originally came to power in 2010 – with the Tory variant being in power ever since! Jeremy Corbyn failed because he told the works to vote ‘out ‘of the EU – and whilst bending to pressure from the White British Establishment – he then turned around and accused those same workers (who had supported him and believed in him) of being fascists! Jeremy Corbyn said and did NOTHING about the injustice of Comrade Bala’s situation! Such is the bourgeois duplicity of the British Labour Party! The true fascists are the members of the British Establishment who hold all the power (irrespective of who wins elections), and who continuously operate the oppressive mechanism of neo-imperialist government! Today, we signed this Petition but were blocked at every turn when we tried to ‘pay’ to have it circulated to a larger audience. Of course, Change-Org is a vicious capitalist business that peddles the myth of it is ‘helping’ others – when in fact it is a business which makes its home within predatory capitalism and exploits the suffering of others by pretending to offer a benevolent way out! If you do not pay Change-Org deliberately ‘limits’ how far your Petition is circulated – and if you pay – the doors of heaven open! One way of circumnavigating this corruption is to sign and share the Petition one individual at a time! It costs you nothing as an individual living within a predatory capitalist society – but can produce a tremendous collective effect upon the lives of those who are suffering and being exploited!

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