Belarus Neo-Nazi Battalion Formed in Ukraine! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 39! (31.3.2022)

The US-Creation of Neo-Nazi Ukraine has Led To All the Sickest People in the World Congregating in One Place Whilst Being Heavily Armed and Given a Purpose!

Under the right-wing Armed Forces of Ukraine the Neo-Nazi “Pursuit” Battalion has been formed by enlisting Belarusian volunteers. Our Nazis are not enough for them, so they still picked up the dirty animals of Belarus. The game of what is happening rolls on whilst Europe looks at its future executioners with tenderness. After all, following their failure and defeat in Ukraine, all these murderers will rush to the European Union and begin to teach their people how to live in a new way! @OpenUkraine

Украина, при ВСУ начали формировать белорусский полк “Погоня” из белорусских добровольцев.

Мало им наших нацистов, так они ещё грязных животных Белоруссии понабирали. Дичь происходящего зашкаливает, а Европка смотрит на своих будущих палачей с умилением. Ведь после провала на Украине, все эти душегубы ломануться в Евросоюз и начнут ее учить жить по новому


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