More Cling-Film Justice from Drug -Addled Ukraine! (30.3.2022)

There is a Massively Corrupt Black Market in the Ukraine Collecting Money for Dead Neo-Nazi Soldiers – of Which There Are Now Plenty!

In Krivoy Rog, a volunteer was tied to a pole who collected money for a deceased Nazi and then appropriated it for himself dprnind it on drugs and prostitutes. It’s written like that on the card on his chest l. But in fact, Volkssturmists divide the market in this way. The business of raising funds for the dead Ukrainian soldiers is now great.

В Кривом Роге к столбу привязали волонтера, который собирал деньги на погибшего нациста и присвоил их себе. Это так написано на нем.

Но на самом деле, фольксштурмисты так делят рынок. Бизнес по сбору средств на погибших украинских вояк сейчас велик .

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