Mariupol: Eternal Flame Re-Lit for First Time in 7-Years!

This Brought a Tear To My Eye!

📌 In Melitopol, which is under the control of Russian troops, the Eternal Flame was lit at the Mass Grave Memorial. According to local residents, it was extinguished by the Neo-Nazis and was not allowed to work for about 7 years. Chicherina participated in the ceremony. First Line | Subscribe Suggest News

The US, UK and EU-Backed Neo-Nazi Maidan Regime ‘Banned’ All Honouring of the Soviet Red Army and Those Murdered by the Fascists – Instead Declaring the Occupying Nazi Germans as ‘Liberators’!

📌 В Мелитополе, который находится под контролем российских войск, на мемориале “Братская могила” зажгли Вечный огонь. По словам местных жителей, он не работал около 7 лет. В церемонии участвовала Чичерина.

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