Donetsk: On the Spot Reporting of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Atrocities as They Unfold! (30.3.2022)

‼️☠️Ukrainian invaders attacked the north-west of Donetsk Residential buildings along Kremlevsky Prospekt in the Kuibyshevsky District suffered from shelling from the direction of the village of Peski.

The Ukrainian Atrocities Are Recorded ‘On the Spot’ By the Surviving Victims!

‼️☠️Украинские оккупанты нанесли удар по северо-западу Донецка

Жилые дома по Кремлёвскому проспекту в Куйбышевском районе пострадали от обстрела с направления посёлка Пески.

The US Are Behind These Crimes!

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