Why Did Hitler Attack the USSR? Understand this and Why Russia Entered the Ukraine Becomes Clear! 

The Soviet Union existed geographical and historically in the optimum position to challenge the international capitalist ideology. The international capitalist system attempted direct war twice (1918 and 1941) to dislodge the USSR and both ultimately failed. In both cases, whilst representatives of the West militarily attacked Russia and her material assets (causing great damage and carnage), the accompany psychological (propaganda) attack accused Russia of being ‘warlike’ and ‘aggressive’ and conspired to construe every justified act of self-defence as an ‘irrational’ act of cowardice and deception. Despite Russia being an ally of the UK between 1914-1917 in the war against Imperial Germany – Great Britain declared war on ‘Socialist’ Russia in 1918 and together with thirteen allies (including the United States) invaded the Russian hinterland! Great Britain was joined in this anti-Socialist venture by Imperial Germany (and six of her allies) who independently (but simultaneously) invaded the Russian interior for exactly the same pronounced ‘anti-Socialist’ objective (incidentally occupying the area of Western Ukraine)! The Western, indeed the worldwide – response to the 1917 Revolution can only be described as ‘rabid’! The bourgeois class which controlled the capitalist and imperialist world (and which was engaged in a brutal internecine conflict of its own at the time), was motivated to stop the working-class taking control of society at any cost to the point where the reality of British and German troops fighting and killing one another in the mud of France was not compromised in anyway by the contradiction of German and British troops simultaneously fighting ‘side by side’ to defeat Socialism in Russia! 

In a matter of days of Lenin taking Revolutionary Russia out of the First World War – anti-Russian racism was thrashed up to the level of fever-pitch in both the English and German speaking worlds! Even today the prevailing (and preferred) non-working-class interpretation of the Russian Revolution is one of a being a monumental ‘betrayal’ of humanity! As matters transpired, the Western incursion into Russia between 1918-1921 became known as the ‘Russian Civil War’ (as if Russia was responsible for the invasion and that all of the participants were innocent actors on a neutral stage), and that Russia is to blame entirely for the estimated ten million casualties that were sustained by the Russian population itself (the highest casualty figure ever suffered in a civil war)! The Western allies, by intervening in this ‘civil war’ provoked, enlarged and magnified the violence to almost inhuman proportions – and yet it is the Russians who are to blame! Indeed, some historians in Russia are of the opinion that more of geographical Russia was lost to the invading British and German invasion (at one time or another), than was ever lost to during the Nazi German invasion some nineteen years later! Eventually, this first Western incursion of Revolutionary Russia collapsed and was defeated by the ever-improving Red Army. In other words, it could be construed that the so-called ‘Russian Civil War’ was the best chance that the capitalist West had to defeat a fledgling Soviet Russia – and it failed.  

Hitler came to power in 1933 – and in just eight-years he had recruited, armed and ideologically and physically trained a brutally efficient army dedicated entirely to the task of eradicating a) Soviet Russia, and b) the Russian (Slavic) race! Hitler was a capitalist but the Western powers could not (and would) not tolerate a separate capitalist power-base forming in Europe within which they were nothing but peripheral bit-players. This is the reason that ‘capitalist’ America and Britain aligned themselves militarily with the ‘Socialist’ Soviet Union between 1941-1945. Hitler complained about capitalism – but only capitalism that he did not directly control! Whereas good capitalism was under the direct control of the German government, bad capitalism (such as that existing in America and the UK) was under the direct control of the Jews! Eradicate the Jews – and this type of capitalist threat to his independence and control of society and its economy would dissipate into thin air. The Jews, according to Hitler, were also responsible for spawning both the Russian people and the Bolshevik ideology – both of which were conspiracies designed to prevent Hitler from single-handedly taking-over and controlling the world! To stop the Jews – Hitler had to stop Russia! To achieve this, the mistakes associated with the 1918 incursion had to be removed from the equation. Instead of around twenty different nationalities all speaking separate languages, practicing different cultures and adhering to different military codes and technologies – what was needed was one single and unified people that were psychologically and physically (superior) and focused upon the task at hand!  

The cultural and military monolith that the Soviet Union represented, required a ‘piercing’, and ‘relentless’ enemy that could ‘infiltrate’ and ‘eradicate’ in equal measure! By 1941, armed with the ramblings of ‘Mein Kampf’ and the technological sophistication of Nazi German science and technology – Hitler believed he had achieved both. The problem was that the USSR was not the fledgling State it was in 1918 when the rest of the world ‘had its first go’ at dislodging it from its perch! Although only nineteen-years after the end of the Russian Civil War, a tremendous amount had happened in the world, and the Soviet Union had not been static in its own development. Indeed, the faults that Hitler thought he was ‘correcting’ with his approach to invading and destroying the Socialist Russian system no longer existed within Russia itself and had been replaced with an equally sophisticated unified ideology and technological approach to developing a progressive society. What is remarkable (and worthy of note), is that what the Soviet System had achieved over a nineteen-year period of more or less peaceful and sustained development, Hitler had achieved in less than eight-years – many of those years thwart with warfare – with only six-years between 1933-1939 and Hitler coming into direct conflict with the other great European powers. The point is that if Hitler could achieve this transformation in such a short-time – nineteen-years was ample time for the Soviet System to stabilise and consolidate. 

An interesting question is ‘why’ does modern Russia, which dissociated itself with its Soviet past from 1991 onwards, still adhere to the defining characteristic of the ‘Great Patriotic War’? It is not to do with nostalgia for a Socialist past, as the ‘capitalist’ Russian government can be just as brutal as any capitalist government (as that is the nature of the beast). The issue lies in Hitler’s ‘racist’ anti-Russian ideology which is a commonly-held belief amongst much of Europe. This form of racism appears to have its origins in the idea that migrating Scandinavians, for the most part, were non-Christian and when arriving in Eastern Europe (and the Near East) thought nothing of inter-mixing and intermarrying with non-Europeans (as Scandinavian men often arrived in large warrior groups containing no women). This undoubtedly happened, but of course, is not the case for all Scandinavian settlers who owed their allegiance to ‘King Rus’. However, as with any racist ideology, a colourful misrepresentation of a people often has far more currency than the truth (Hitler, for instance, was convinced that modern ‘Aryan’ Germans were related to Tibetans). The idea that modern Russians are ‘non-Europeans’ is so strong that even during WWII, thousands of young Scandinavian men joined Hitler’s ‘SS’ as representatives of the ‘racially pure’ in the fight against the racially impure Russians! What is remarkable is that in the overwhelming number of cases, these Northern European ‘SS’ men possessed exactly the same DNA as the supposedly ‘impure’ Russians they were trying to kill! And herein lies the greatest irony and the crux of the matter. 

Modern Russia, I am sure, would like to ditch the Soviet legacy of WWII just as it has ditched around 90% of all other Soviet legacies, but the Russian psyche cannot ignore or abandon the ‘genocidal’ aspect of Hitler’s attack and of how this represents a much broader anti-Russian racism ensconced deep in the minds of Europeans! Even as early as August, 1945, Winston Churchill was planning a massive military strike upon the USSR even before the War in Asia was fully over! He believed that there was unfinished business between the West and the Soviet Union from the 1918-1921 incursion and felt that after the Germans had ripped the guts out of the Soviet System – the time might be ‘now’ to strike a decisive blow in the name of Western capitalism! As matters transpired, Churchill was advised that the Soviet Red Army had become ‘stronger’ and not ‘weaker’ during WWII and the chances of a Western victory were not guaranteed. Furthermore, America at the time, was not in favour of a war with the Soviet Union!  

The ideology of fascism, and its Neo-Nazi variant, of course, still adheres to the very powerful (racist) idea that the Russians are an inferior race because they dared to ‘mix’ with the indigenous peoples they encountered throughout the Russian hinterland. This history maybe contrasted with the Western European colonisation of the Americas, which by 1610 CE had resulted in the deaths of some 60 million indigenous people due to the racial violence meted-out upon them! Whereas the Northern European settlers to the East ‘mixed’ with those they discovered – the Western European settlers raped, tortured and murdered as they spread and colonised! It should be no wonder then, that the ideology of fascism emerged from the Western Europeans and that one of the victims of this racism are the Russians! The Russians, however, do not reject the concept of ‘mixing’ with other types of people as being ‘invalid’ (two racist concepts in and of themselves) – but rather ‘reject’ the false dichotomy that Western European racism constructs which attempts to limit reality to the ‘good’ (racially ‘pure’) European – as opposed to the ‘evil’ (or racially ‘impure’) Russian! For the Russian, mixing with other people is an age-old method of spreading culture and influence and of building strength through diversity! Ironically, this aspect of the Russian character existed perhaps as long as a thousand-years before the 1917 Revolution – after which ‘internationalism’ formerly replaced ‘nationalism’ and the ‘mixing’ of ethnicities was seen as the norm and actually encouraged! 

Following the counter-Revolution of 1991, the West flooded the interior of Russia with theistic religion and far-right ideology as a means to combat the seven decades of Socialistic education and progressive development. This caused untold suffering and confusion in the minds and bodies of the Russian people – but only lasted about a decade – until Vladimir Putin ascended to power. He is not a Socialist despite being born and brought-up in the USSR, but he has proven a stabilising effect for the Russian people. He has reintroduced economic aid for Cuba, (calling its cutting a ‘mistake’), and has reformed the welfare and education system. He has combatted and expelled (as far as possible) the most obvious examples of Neo-Nazism from the Russian interior (whilst curbing the excesses of religion), and has re-established the May 9th Victory Parade with Red Flags and pictures of Lenin! He has also re-established a Russian sense of ‘self’ within all this cultural pollution originating from the wholesale adopting of the Western capitalist ideology! It seems to me that his decision to enter the Ukraine and deal with the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime operating there since 2014, is part and parcel of his ongoing policy of ‘purifying’ the Russian (Slavic) character, and it is interesting that when push came to shove, Vladimir Putin chose the side of anti-fascism and decided to take-on the Neo-Nazis rather than fall-back on keeping the Western powers ‘happy’ whilst the Slavic people suffer!  

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  1. “It seems to me that his decision to enter the Ukraine and deal with the Western-backed Neo-Nazi regime operating there since 2014, is part and parcel of his ongoing policy of ‘purifying’ the Russian (Slavic) character, and it is interesting that when push came to shove, Vladimir Putin chose the side of anti-fascism and decided to take-on the Neo-Nazis rather than fall-back on keeping the Western powers ‘happy’ whilst the Slavic people suffer!” – A most poignant comment. – unfortunately, anti-fascism (without being driven by anti-predatory capitalism) seems to obfuscate the ever powerful reality of it’s underpinnings – viz – ‘class’, ‘race’, greed, that leads to these situations (within which) fascism and racism rises and becomes a very real threat. In that sense, the whole situation is disappointing but historically understandable. The fact that the US administration (and silent allies) facilitated and supported the ‘Maidan’ regime government shows a weak underbelly of all this – viz – that the declining predatory Capitalist ‘West’ exploits and narrates this fascist rise and ‘Defence’ of itself as something to get behind, while extolling the virtues of ‘Democracy’ and it’s own ‘Inclusiveness’ rhetoric. Perhaps the rise of fascism as ‘Capitalism in decline, could be compared with ‘Communism in decline’ where the cart goes before the horse – even though those issues and reactions are absolutely real concerns here and now that need to be tackled and fought against

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