Russian Army: Medals Awarded for Gallantry in New Anti-Fascist War! (29.3.2022)

Whilst the Brutish Media Eulogises the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Regime – and Untold Numbers of British Men ‘Volunteer’ for Service in the Neo-Nazi Battalions – Brave Russian Army Personnel Receive Their Anti-Fascist Medals!

🇬🇧Russian servicemen received awards for the successful completion of combat missions In the Chernihiv region, officers and soldiers who distinguished themselves during the liberation of the settlement of Novoselovka were awarded. Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, Commander of the Central Military District, presented the servicemen with the Order of Courage, medals “For Courage”, “For Services to the Fatherland” II degree and the Zhukov medal.

🇷🇺Российские военнослужащие получили награды за успешное выполнение боевых задач
В Черниговской области состоялось награждение офицеров и солдат, отличившихся в ходе освобождения населенного пункта Новоселовка. Командующий войсками Центрального военного округа генерал-полковник Александр Лапин вручил военнослужащим орден Мужества, медали “За отвагу”, “За заслуги перед Отечеством” II степени и медаль “Жукова”.

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  1. I, and my family will always support Russia in her noble fight against fascism and genocide! After all, no one else is attempting to protect us!

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