Kherson: At Last Lenin Makes An Appearance! (29.3.2022)

People Have Preserved Small Parts of the Soviet Union!

One of my friends serving in the frontline was very happy to find this mural of Lenin with the message that humanity achieves the greatest progress when resources are pooled and collective action is taken! President Putin signed a law into being in 2020 which states it is a criminal offense to damage or destroy Soviet Monuments or architecture! This is exactly what the Neo-Nazis have been doing for the last eight-years and exactly what their Neo-Nazi running dogs in Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania are doing as a write! Putin, however, has also made it ‘illegal’ to destroy Soviet Monuments and statues ‘outside’ of Russia! This means that if the Russian Army captures the people carrying-out this racialised firm if vandalism – they will face the full weight of the Russian legal system – and I am told that Russian prisons are fairly unforgiving places to frequent!

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