US Trucks Captured and Put to Good Use by the DPR! (28.3.2022)

The US, UK and EU Have Lavished Copious Amounts of Equipment Upon the Neo-Nazi Ukraine Regime!

🇺🇸🤝US military assistance for the army of the DPR, expelling the occupiers from Donbass SUVs drove through Ukraine and stood on the balance sheet of the People’s Militia of the DPR, which thanks Washington and Kyiv for the equipment 🤣

🇺🇸🤝Военная помощь США для армии ДНР, изгоняющей оккупантов с Донбасса

Внедорожники проехали сквозь Украину и встали на баланс Народной милиции ДНР, которая благодарит Вашингтон и Киев за технику 🤣

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