Bakhmut: Russian Aerospace Forces Destroy Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Base! (28.3.2022)

After a Month of Warfare – Parts of the Ukraine Are Beginning to Look Like Run-Down Council Estates in the UK!

‼️🇬🇧The Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the base of the National Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk, which occupied the soft drinks plant. The strike on Bakhmut was on March 25, the corpses of militants are still being removed and taken out …

‼️🇷🇺ВКС России уничтожили базу нацбатов и ВСУ в Артемовске, занявших завод безалкогольных напитков.

Удар по Бахмуту был 25.03, трупы боевиков извлекают и вывозят до сих пор…

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