Ukraine: Using ‘Telegram’ To Circumnavigate the West’s ‘Block’ on Genuine Knowledge!

The US controls the internet in the West and decides what will and will not be featured on it. The Internet was originally developed as a technological device to ‘spy’ on every household under US influence and control! Unbridled communication was a side-effect which the US government has used to spread predatory capitalism through relentless advertising and the (often illegal) harvesting of personal data (which is ‘sold’ to the highest bidder in a never ending cycle)! Although the internet could be as ‘free’ as breathing air – a ‘subscriber’ must ‘pay’ at designated ‘gates’ to access the capitalist internet. The US government then strictly observes, moulds and directs all data that passes through it.

The ideology of predatory capitalism must ‘colonise’ and ‘subsume’ every social and cultural entity it encounters. Socialism, that is Marxist-Leninism, is a definite hindrance to this process as it rejects US capitalist hegemony. This is why China and North Korea ‘ban’ the US controlled internet so that their people remain ‘protected’ from its nefarious influences. Russia, of course, has allowed the US internet into the hinterland of the former Soviet Union from its inception in the late 1990s, whilst adopting free market economics (capitalism) since 1991. A marker of this new ‘freedom’ as observed (and ‘celebrated’) in the Western media of the early to mid-1990s – was the spread of ‘pornography’ throughout the former Communist Bloc (Eastern Europe) and the USSR (Russia and surrounding countries), and waxed lyrical about how women in the former ‘Communist Bloc’ were now ‘free’ to sell their bodies in pornographic movies – and how a healthy sex-industry had developed since the abolishment of the Constitution of the USSR had removed the economically hindering ‘equality’ laws that protected the minds and bodies of girls and women (both young and mature) from exploitation! This is just one of the disastrous legacies of the betrayal of Khrushchev, Gorbachev and Yeltsin!

On top of this was the US-assisted theft of billions of roubles from the Soviet State – a collective wealth built-up over the 74-years of existence of the USSR! This money was ferreted away by dishonest US advisors and bankers – taken from unsuspecting Russian people psychologically and physically ‘unprepared’ for the ‘predatory’ nature of capitalism. Indeed, with the sudden ‘taking away’ of all the social (and cultural) defending and uplifting structures of Soviet society, an academic report states that around six million former Soviet men, women and children died of starvation, homelessness and medical neglect between 1991-1999! No wonder girls and young women were left with no choice but to ‘sell’ their bodies! All this death, destruction and mayhem was considered ‘good’ by the US government which continued its mission of destroying Socialism with a 78-day blanket-bombing of Yugoslavia! For a country that harps on about ‘democratic process’, it is remarkable just how often America resorts to bombardment to make its point!

We have also seen the military destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan (for the ‘myth’ that these two countries were behind the 911 attacks), and the destruction of Libya (whose leader planned an ‘African’ currency to rival the dollar). Between 1945 and present – the US military – has killed between 20-30 million people around the world in the enforcing of its predatory capitalist system! Part of this process of US dominance lies in the control of the flow of information. The opposite message to the reinforcement and contradiction of US anti-intellectualism must be prevented, hindered and stopped at source, and all the major US social media platforms (private companies that masquerade as publically owned ‘free spaces’) collude with this objective by strictly and ruthless preventing ‘freedom of speech’ whilst selling their product upon the false premise that all these platforms cultivate is ‘free speech’!

America, of course, represents the class interests of the bourgeoisie and that is exactly the class that developed the socio-economic system of capitalism and has been in power in the West for around the last four-hundred years! The American War of Independence in 1776 was not a ‘Revolution’ as often suggested. This was a ‘rebellion’ between the British branch of the bourgeoisie which had settled and colonised North America – and the British bourgeoise which controlled the United Kingdom! A number of military defeats decided the matter about where ‘power’ and ‘control’ emanated in the American colonies – from the ‘White House’ situated in colonies themselves or from White Hall in London. It was WWII that propelled the US into the broader world of domination and neo-imperialism – although its armies had behaved like any other ‘White’ settler State before this by brutally destroying the indigenous populations of Indians and the brutal invasions of Mexico, Cuba, China (on more than one occasion) and the suppression of the Philippines. etc!

Since 1945, the US has developed the purpose of the world’s police in its maintaining of the predatory capitalist system> Not only has US clothing, language, music and culture spread throughout the world, the so has its banking system. Every capitalist country in the world today is controlled by the bourgeoisie which subordinates its sovereignty to the US – the bourgeois country with the largest and most powerful military! US-controlled social media companies operate around the world with impunity, outside of the geographical boundaries of the USA, regularly violating the sovereign laws of ‘freedom of thought’, ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’ in these different countries – which often possess laws that ‘protect’ the very expressions platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and tumblr routinely compromise. Of course, what is suppressed is any criticism of the United States, its policies and/or its justifications of said policies. This can be seen with Russia’s military action against the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime built-up in Ukraine from around 2014 onwards – which the US illegally brought to power – and has politically, militarily and financially supported ever since!

Not only is this correct, but the US has also deliberately, and with malice of fore-thought, encouraged and supported similar Neo-Nazi regimes in other countries surrounding Russia, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland! I knew this eight years ago from the data that was infiltrating the media blackout – but ‘Telegram’ allows genuine freedom of speech which provides all the information required to understanding that the US is, as usual – ‘lying’ to you! The US is doing to Russia what it has been doing to China for decades, namely pursuing a racially motivated policy of ‘misinformation’! The US, being a Judeo-Christian country, likes to propagate the myth that everything manifests in concrete terms of ‘good’ (invariably the US), and the ‘evil’ (invariably the enemy of the moment)! Do not fall for this simplistic manipulation! I always advice my students to ‘think for themselves’! Indeed, you have a mind of your own. Just pause for a moment and get your breath. Question just ‘why’ it is that everyone appears to be heading in the same direction! Surely, this analysis is the essence of the ‘freedom of thought’ that is believed to be essence of European culture? The entire departure point of Greek philosophical enquiry in ancient Miletus ?

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