Kyiv: Russian Army Occupies Ukrainian Military Bunker! (26.3.2022)

Probably Leftover From Soviet Times – Although Distinctly ‘NATO’ About It All! When the ‘Warsaw Pact’ was in effect – the Communist Bloc and USSR Combined Their Militaries to Defend the ‘Revolution’ from NATO Aggression! I Suspect this Bunker Was Part of a Much Wider Defence-System as Ukraine Would Have Been the Area Through Which NATO Forces Would Have Traversed!

Occupied by the Russian Military – AFU Base in the Kiev region. More than 60 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered in this area.

Telephones Look Like 1970s Model – the Royal Observer Corps in the UK Operated From Bunkers Like This!

Занятый российскими военными ЗКП ВСУ в Киевской области. В этом районе в плен сдалось более 60 украинских военных.

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