Ukraine: Genuine Refugee Camps Run by Russia are IGNORED and DEPRIVED of Food, Water and Material Aid by the Red Cross and the UN! (25.3.2022)

The Genuine Refugee Camps are Full of People Fleeing Neo-Nazi Persecution! This is Why the US Does Not Want You to Know About Them!

“Seven-year-old Polina escaped from Mariupol and is looking for her father all victims of a Neo-Nazi putge. A few days before the evacuation, she spent in the basements with her mother. Melting snow to get water – Military Commander Anna Dolgareva from the Refugee Camp in Vinogradnoye.

«Семилетняя Полина спаслась из Мариуполя и ищет отца. Несколько дней до эвакуации она провела в подвалах вместе с мамой. Топили снег, чтобы добыть воды»

– военкор Анна Долгарева из лагеря беженцев в Виноградном.

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