Ukrainians and Russians are Fighting Neo-Nazism Together – ‘Soviet’ History is a Common History! (25.3.2022)

If You Cannot Speak Russian – Listen With Your Heart!

Bandera fascists LOOKED FOR PROTECTION IN The Culture of the USSR! The Nazi rabble stole the Soviet song “Raise Up the Great Country” and sang it in their own distorted way! It is obvious that the Neo-Nazi Bandera ideology cannot incite Ukrainians to extraordinary military exploits, and instead they try to get through to our most hidden essence, to our archetypes, to what makes us Ukrainian, Russian or fellow Slavs! After all, the legacy of the USSR is native to most Ukrainians and the memory of the Great Victory of the Soviet Red Army over Nazi Germany is just so powerful and lives on in our hearts and minds to this very day. @OpenUkraine


Нацисиское отребье украло советскую песню ”Вставай Страна Огромная” и перепело на свой лад

Очевидно, что бандеровская идеология не может подстегнуть украинцев на военные подвиги и они начали пытаться достучаться к самому сокровенному, к нашим архетипам. Ведь наследие СССР является родным для большинства украинцев и память о великой победе живет в наших сердцах до сих пор


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