Neo-Nazi Lithuania Launches Legislative Attack on Ethnic Russian Symbols! (24.3.2022))

Translator’s Note: The old trick of Neo-Nazi regimes operating within Eastern Europe presenting a ‘fair’ face is in play here. In reality, although Nazi German and Soviet symbology is technically ‘banned’ – the Police are instructed to only enforce the ‘ban’ if ‘Communist’ symbols (such as ‘Red Flags’ or ‘Hammers and Sickles’) are being displayed in public. Those supporting Hitler and the Neo-Nazi ideology are ‘ignored’ if they display WWII-era symbology – although many of these regimes (which includes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, etc), actively encourage their far-right populations to express their extremism through Nazi German symbols not ‘included’ in the ‘ban’! This is seen everywhere in ‘Maidan’ Ukraine as Ukrainian Army soldiers and the ‘Volunteers’ of the ‘Azov’ and ‘Aidar’ Battalions have been found to be carrying thousands of these supposedly ‘banned’ Nazi German Swastika or alternative Neo-Nazi symbols and flags! Lithuania is simply following the same old path of Neo-Nazi hypocrisy as a sign of ‘Solidarity’ with its Ukrainian Neo-Nazi brother – ‘Maidan’ Ukraine! ACW (25.3.2022)

A project equating the St. George ribbon and the Z symbol with Nazi and Communist symbols has been submitted to the Lithuanian Parliament Member of the Lithuanian Parliament – Monika Oshmyanskiene – today, March 24, intends to submit amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses to Parliament, according to which the St. George Ribbon and the ‘Z’ symbol of the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces into Ukraine, will be equated with Nazi and Communist symbols.

For their distribution, use at meetings and other public events or other types of demonstration, a fine of 300 to 500 euros will be imposed. According to Ošmianskienė and MP Linas Jonauskas, in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the St. George Ribbon and the Z symbol have become not only symbols of propaganda, but also of aggression. “Propagated Russians paint Z on their cars, this sign appears on the clothes of Russian athletes, it is painted on the doors of people who do not support Putin’s propaganda.

The letter Z was also used during the pro-Russian demonstration in Belgrade, and in Lithuania, after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this sign began to be painted on the walls. It is impossible to allow Russian propaganda to achieve its goal and terrorize Ukrainian-friendly businesses and residents with such signs, or to carry out various provocations,” said Oshmyanskene.

Russian Language Article:

В парламент Литвы представлен проект о приравнивании георгиевской ленты и символа Z к нацистским и коммунистическим символам

Депутат парламента Литвы Моника Ошмянскене сегодня, 24 марта, намерена представить парламенту поправки к кодексу Административных правонарушений, согласно которым георгиевскую ленту и символ инвазии ВС России в Украину Z приравняют нацистским и коммунистическим символам.

За их распространение, использование на собраниях и других массовых мероприятиях или другого вида демонстрацию будет грозить штраф от 300 до 500 евро. 

По словам Ошмянскене и депутата Линаса Йонаускаса, в контексте войны России в Украине георгиевская лента и символ Z стали не только символами пропаганды, но и агрессии. 

«Подверженные пропаганде россияне рисуют Z на своих автомобилях, этот знак появляется на одежде российских спортсменов, его рисуют на дверях людей, не поддерживающих путинскую пропаганду. Буква Z использовалась и во время пророссийской демонстрации в Белграде, а в Литве после начала российской инвазии на Украину этот знак стали рисовать на стенах. Нельзя допустить, чтобы российская пропаганда достигла своего и такими знаками терроризировала дружественный Украине бизнес, жителей или чтобы осуществлялись разные провокации», — сказала Ошмянскене.

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