US Colony Of Taiwan – Do Not Worry – Your Liberation is Immanent! (A Snap-Shot of the Reading ‘Stats’ for This Blog – 24.3.2022)

Very Unusual ‘Stats’ for the Readership of This Blog!

This is a ‘snap-shot’ of the readership of this blog – The Sangha Kommune (SSR) – for one-day. It changes everyday – but the US, UK are always usually in the top two spots – quite often followed by the European colonies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, etc. China registers separately, but the sovereignty of China also includes Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (the US-controlled internet likes to try and drive a wedge in China’s ethnic stability and unity). I am always interested not only in the ‘White’ readership (aiming to build and expand a sound proletariat understanding) – but also the ‘non-White’ readership – and which of these countries figures highest in the Stats. Quite often ‘Japan’ is up in the top ten (a US Colony) – along with Malaysia often being in or near the top five. Singapore also features around the top ten mark (a democratically elected ‘fascist’ State that obviously sides with the West, and ‘refuses’ to condemn the Neo-Nazi Movement in the Ukraine. Indeed, so ‘anti-intellectual’ are these people, that will think this criticism is an ‘endorsement’). I always appreciate the readership from the South and Central American countries, including Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Uruguay, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, etc. This also goes for the might ‘Cuba’ which defies the US and its unjust predatory capitalism! And then there are Sweden, Norway and Finland… Why I receive any readership at all from the Fascist States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is a mystery… But I suspect it is the same reason I receive readers from Ukraine – it is the anti-fascist segment of the populations of those beleaguered countries!

I suspect an article has appeared on the Chinese-language internet featuring my work today (I often write in the English and the Chinese languages – or work translating the Chinese-language into English, etc) – hence the top five containing two entries from China! From all of today’s entries – China features four times – with Singapore and Malaysia – despite being multi-ethnic States, also reflecting an ethnic Chinese readership. Quite rightly, the US-controlled internet is ‘banned’ in China (and North Korea) – but there are ways of legally ‘interfacing’ with it in these countries (although I have never noticed ‘North Korea’ show-up in the Stats, as of yet – even though I regularly feature DPRK news, etc). I am also deeply interested in making the internet entirely ‘free’ to access across the world and purging it entirely of the predatory capitalism the US has infected it with! I am always happy to see the African countries show-up on the Stats (today was ‘Lesotho’)! There is also the occasional visit from the ‘Reunion Islands’ and Aland Islands!

Many African people are still fighting to repair Africa from the damage inflicted upon it by Europeans after centuries of oppression and exploitation! The internet is still building in this part of the world – and also in areas outside of China and India! I once receive a hit from ‘Bhutan’ and am always pleased to see my Comrades in the ‘Palestine Territories’ managing to beat the Israeli policy of not only deliberately limiting the water-supply to Palestinian men, women and children, but also of deliberately ‘cutting-off’ the supply of electricity and ‘blocking’ or ‘preventing’ WiFi from being accessed! Then there is noble Russia and the Ukraine! We must all pull together – and like my Comrades in Africa – collectively fight the evils of Hitlerism (regardless of the US, UK or EU supporting it), and be brave like the Russian and Ukrainian people who are joining forces to defeat Neo-Nazism yet again, just as they did between 1941-1945! Israel should stop politically supporting the Neo-Nazi Junta currently occupying Ukraine – and whilst ceasing its oppression of the Palestinian people – throw its weight behind the confronting and defeating of Neo-Nazism! This goes for everyone who accesses and reads this blog – your national (bourgeois) governments are lying to you! The Ukraine has been occupied by a vicious Neo-Nazi regime since 2014, which has been financed and militarily-backed by the US, UK and EU! We must collectively a) support Russia in this righteous fight, and b) work to expose the hypocrisy of the US, UK and EU! Now, once we have got all that stacked away, thank you for dropping by! ACW (24.3.2022)

I Have Never – As Yet – Cracked North Korea!

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