Remembering Nikita Birillo (Никита Бирилло) – and Other Russian Military Casualties Fighting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! (24.3.2022)

Translator’s Note: Many of these young Russian soldiers were killed by Neo-Nazi Forces currently operating in the Ukraine armed with US, UK and EU weaponry and ammunition. When you read these names – which are just a ‘snap-shot’ of the Russian casualty list – please be aware that YOUR tax-money has been used by YOUR governments to ‘fund’, ‘arm’ and ‘train’ these Neo-Nazi War Criminals! This is NOT Russia versus the world – but Russia, Donetsk, Lugansk and the ordinary people of the Ukraine – fighting a US, UK and EU-back Neo-Nazi Insurgency throughout West Ukraine which relies heavily on recruiting drug-addicts, murders and rapists from amongst the criminal population of the world! Therefore, Russia fights yet again for the welfare of the world against the Neo-Nazi and Hitlerite ideology which is once again on the resurgence! If you serve in the British Army – remember you possess the right not to follow any orders you consider ‘immoral’ or ‘illegal’! Let’s work together to cut the misplaced support for these Neo-Nazis from under their feet – and together let’s make racists scared again! ACW(24.3.2022)

In the course of a Special Operation performed by the Russian Armed Forces designed to ‘De-Nazify’ and ‘De-Militarise’ the Ukraine – Nikita Birillo – a native of Miass (Chelyabinsk region), heroically died while performing assigned combat missions in the city of Brovary, Kiev region. On the eve of March 21st, a farewell to the brave warrior took place. According to the Administration of the Miass Urban District, Nikita was seen off on his last journey with full military honours!

This HERO was buried in the cemetery of Novotagilka village. The Miass City Hall, residents of the city and all news agency expressed their condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and share with them the bitterness of loss. The city will remember its hero.

“During the solemn burial ceremony, words of condolences to the family, words of gratitude and a deep bow to the hero who gave his life for the sake of the innocent people of the world in the fight (against a resurging Hitlerism), and for the well-being of everyone one of us were heard,” the Administration noted. You can read more about the heroic countryman in the Heroes of Miass Section.

It should be noted that today it is already known about 17 South Ural military personnel who died in a special operation in Ukraine. These include other volunteers from the Chelyabinsk region who selflessly and heroically went to protect the Donbass people from Western-backed Neo-Nazism. These are listed below (although there are other wounded and the dead that will be added shortly):

This includes (but is not limited to) the following Heroes and Anti-Fascist Fighters of the World:

24-year-old junior sergeant Danil Vasilenko from Magnitogorsk, –

26-year-old senior lieutenant Valery Oskolkov from Magnitogorsk, – corporal 21-year-old Maxim Gaganov from Magnitogorsk, –

19-year-old Alexei Kuzmin from Magnitogorsk, –

27-year-old senior lieutenant of aviation Alexander Podshivalov from Katav-Ivanovsk, –

Junior sergeant Maxim Kravchenko (a native of Zlatoust, who lived in the village of Roza, Korkinsky municipal district), –

Corporal Maxim Zanin from Kopeysk, –

Nikita Birillo from Miass, –

Corporal Nurlan Kubzhasarov from the Bredinsky district, –

Corporal Vyacheslav Sultanov from the Kunashaksky district, –

22-year-old Alexander Timshin from the Chesme region, –

Pavel Panenyshev from the Derbishevsky rural settlement of the Argayashsky district, –

23-year-old corporal Artem Novikov from the Uisky district, –

Officer Konstantin Glushkov (born in 1985), –

Officer Rostislav Eremenko, –

Junior sergeant Alexander Golovin, –

Alexander Lavrentiev.

Russian Language Article:

В спецоперации на Украине погиб Никита Бирилло из Миасса

В ходе специальной операции на Украине при исполнении поставленных боевых задач в городе Бровары Киевской области героически погиб уроженец Миасса (Челябинская область) Никита Бирилло.

Накануне, 21 марта, состоялось прощание с отважным воином.

Как сообщает администрация Миасского городского округа, в последний путь Никиту проводили со всеми воинскими почестями. Похоронили героя на кладбище поселка Новотагилка.

Мэрия Миасса, жители города и информационное агентство выражают соболезнования родным и близким погибшего и разделяют с ними горечь утраты. Город будет помнить своего героя. « Во время торжественной церемонии захоронения прозвучали слова соболезнования семье, слова благодарности и низкий поклон герою, который отдал свою жизнь ради мира, ради каждого из нас », – отметили в администрации.

Более подробно о героическом земляке можно будет прочитать в рубрике «Герои Миасса».

Отметим, на сегодняшний день известно уже о 17-ти погибших в спецоперации на Украине южноуральских военнослужащих. Это:

– 24-летний младший сержант  Данил Василенко   из Магнитогорска,

– 26-летний старший лейтенант  Валерий Осколков   из Магнитогорска ,

–  ефрейтор 21-летний  Максим Гаганов   из Магнитогорска,

– 19-летний  Алексей Кузьмин  из Магнитогорска,

–  27-летний старший лейтенант авиации  Александр Подшивалов   из Катав-Ивановска,  

–  младший сержант  Максим Кравченко   (уроженец Златоуста, который проживал в поселке Роза Коркинского муниципального района),

– ефрейтор  Максим Занин   из Копейска,

– Никита Бирилло из Миасса,

– ефрейтор  Нурлан Кубжасаров   из Брединского района,

– ефрейтор  Вячеслав Султанов   из Кунашакского района,

– 22-летний  Александр Тимшин   из Чесменского района,

–  Павел Паненышев   из Дербишевского сельского поселения Аргаяшского района,

– 23-летний  ефрейтор  Артем Новиков   из Уйского района,

– офицер  Константин Глушков   (1985-го года рождения),

– офицер  Ростислав Еременко ,

– младший сержант  Александр Головин ,

–  Александр Лаврентьев .

Также известно, что на защиту Донбасса из Челябинской области отправились добровольцы. Среди них есть раненые и погибшие.

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