Amazon Selling Neo-Nazi Emblem Ukrainian Flag! (24.3.2022)

The emblem referred to as a ‘trident is in fact the ‘swooping eagle’ used by the Wehrmacht – or German Army – between 1935-1945 during the era of ‘Nazi’ power and the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The ‘swooping eagle’ denotes the Nazi ideology of the military being used to ‘terrorise’ an unsuspecting populace – as it can be ordered to ‘descend’ upon any unsuspecting individual or group at anytime and for any reason! In fact, under the Nazi (and ‘Neo-Nazi’) ideology NO discernible legal or lawful reason has to be given for this tyranny to be applied!

BBC: ‘Human Rights’ of “Azov” Neo-Nazi Volunteers Under Threat” Part II (5.12.2015)

The tone of this article suggests that the legal providing of ‘proof’ that supporters of Hitler today in the US, UK and EU-backed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime HAVE NOT been convicted of committing of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – is nothing but a bureaucratic ‘inconvenience’ – that is being used to ‘hinder’ these ‘convicted’ criminals from gaining Citizenship into the Ukraine! Of course, as far as sheer BBC hypocrisy goes – this article has turned-out to be just a foreshadowing of what was to come – with a steady stream of Ukrainian ‘War Criminals’ being paraded across our TV screens and ‘sold’ to as us fine and up-standing human-beings! The BBC should be prosecuted for this disgraceful behaviour which has betrayed the British nation and the civilised Western world!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Human Rights of Azov Battalion Volunteers Under Threat! Part I (6.12.2015)

In particular, (according to him), the main reason for the ‘refusal’ was that the twenty-two (22) members concerned, could not, upon request, produce the relevant certificates required that offer ‘legal’ proof of the ‘Non-Conviction of Serious Crimes’. Indeed, supporters of these twenty-two men are concerned about this judgement – as it may violate the ‘Human Rights’ of the volunteers concerned.

US Colony Of Taiwan – Do Not Worry – Your Liberation is Immanent! (A Snap-Shot of the Reading ‘Stats’ for This Blog – 24.3.2022)

Israel should stop politically supporting the Neo-Nazi Junta currently occupying Ukraine – and whilst ceasing its oppression of the Palestinian people – throw its weight behind the confronting and defeating of Neo-Nazism! This goes for everyone who accesses and reads this blog – your national (bourgeois) governments are lying to you! The Ukraine has been occupied by a vicious Neo-Nazi regime since 2014, which has been financed and militarily-backed by the US, UK and EU! We must collectively a) support Russia in this righteous fight, and b) work to expose the hypocrisy of the US, UK and EU! Now, once we have got all that stacked away, thank you for dropping by!

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