Odessa: Anti-Fascist Partizan Literature: (24.3.2022)

The Ordinary Ukrainian People Are Assisting the Russians and Have Been ‘Resisting’ the Western-backed Neo-Nazi Occupation!

Operation Z: Military Correspondents of the Russian Spring: Local residents of Mariupol:

“Most often they saw ‘Azov’ . NEO-NAZI vilujnyeets hiding like cowards in schools and houses – whilst shielding themselves using local women and children”

💥 Leaflet of anti-fascist Partisans in Odessa with Gauleiter Marchenko – the ex-leader of the Neo-Nazi Aidar Punitive Battalion.


🇷🇺💥Листовка партизан-антифашистов в Одессе с гауляйтером Марченко – экс-главарем карательного батальона Айдар.


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