Mariupol: My Friend on the Frontline Sent Me a Report: (24.3.2022)

I broke into the very centre of Mariupol today. “Azov” and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were driven out of here at night.

We ran out of ammunition and were ordered to fix bayonets and charge the remaining Neo-Nazi outposts! There was no mercy given and no one was taken prisoner. The corpses of Neo-Nazis are on almost every floor of the high-rise buildings.

Ворвался сегодня в самый центр Мариуполя. “Азов” и солдат ВСУ выбили отсюда ночью.

В плен не брали никого. Трупы нациков практически на каждом этаже в многоэтажках.

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