Irpin: Foreign Mercenaries Led By Georgian Ex-Minister of Defense – Irakli Okruashvili: (24.3.2022)

Foreign Mercenaris in Kyiv Sound Like They All Suffer From Asthma! They Certainly Cannot Carry Their Kit or Patrol Properly!

🇺🇦🏴‍☠️Foreign mercenaries near Kiev, led by the ex-Minister of Defense of Georgia

Georgian mercenaries led by former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili are fighting on the side of the Neo-Nazis.
Irpin, Kyiv region.

🇺🇦🏴‍☠️Иностранные наёмники под Киевом во главе с экс-министром обороны Грузии

Грузинские наёмники во главе с бывшим министром обороны Грузии Ираклием Окруашвили воюют на стороне нацистов.
Ирпень, Киевская область.

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