Evidence Uncoverd of War Crimes: British Army Training Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces! (24.3.2022)

Long Rumoured Collusion Between Neo-Nazi Ukraine and the British Army!

Translator’s Note: The British Army has been ordered by successive Tory and LibDems governments in the UK to collude with the illegal Neo-Nazi government of Maidan in West Ukraine! This is a direct betrayal of the British people, and its working-class traditions of sacrifice fighting the political far-right and its military-industrial complex! I consider this a War Crime and a Crime Against Humanity committed by the British government! Ordinary British soldiers were ordered to go to Ukraine by the Tories, but when they leave the Army they end up homeless living on the streets of Britain! Remember, if you are serving in the British Army – you do not have to follow an order that you consider ‘Immoral’ or ‘illegal’! Do not allow yourself to sleepwalk into illegality! ACW (24.3.2022)

❗️RIA Novosti correspondent found a cache of documents in Volnovakha – a certificate confirming that Ukrainian military Boris Kazaryan had completed junior sergeant training courses with the participation of British instructors.

The training, it turns out, consisted of four modules, including weapon handling and navigation.

❗️Корреспондент РИА Новости нашел в Волновахе тайник с документами – сертификат о прохождении украинским военным Борисом Казаряном курсов подготовки младших сержантов с участием британских инструкторов.

Обучение, как выясняется, состояло из четырех модулей, включая обращение с оружием и навигацию.

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