American War Criminals Film Themselves For Their Trial! (24.3.2022)

Looks Like Fake Wannabies in Their Clean and New Uniforms Whilst Carrying Unused Weapons! Up the Road Real Men Are Fighting and Dying…

‼️🇺🇸American mercenaries near Kiev
Clean and tidy types, it seems that they obviously did not participate in the hostilities, they just show off at the site of the previous battle. Whether they are alive and the date of the shooting is unknown

We Have a Saying in Britain – ‘Thick as shit and twice as nasty!’

‼️🇺🇸Американские наёмники под Киевом
Чистые и опрятные типы, похоже, в боевых действиях явно не участвовали просто красуются на месте прошедшего ранее боя. Живы ли они и дата съемки – неизвестны

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