This is the Racism the US, UK and EU is Supporting in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (23.3.2022

We Must Stand Together With Russia Against Neo-Nazism!

The Ukrainian government not only failed to ensure the safe evacuation of foreign citizens of Asia, Africa and Latin America, but often put obstacles in their way.

Here is the story of one of the Africans, whom, like many others, they did not want to let through and were threatened with weapons.

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Украинская власть не только не обеспечила безопасную эвакуацию иностранных граждан Азии, Африки и Латинской Америки, но зачастую чинила им препятствия.

Вот рассказ одного из африканцев, которого, как и многих, не хотели пропускать и угрожали оружием.

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