US: Neo-Nazis “Interfere” with Detroit Gay-Pride Parade! (6.12.2019)

Local Police ‘Waving’ at Each-Other Across the Street!

On June 8th, 2019, Detroit hosted the Motor City Gay Pride Festival, but Members of the “National Socialist” (Nazi) Movement tried to prevent representatives of sexual minorities from marching and expressing themselves. This is one of the most influential and active ultra-right organizations in the US – routinely protected by ‘freedom speech’ and ‘freedom of expression’ legislation – speaking-out (in an unconvincing and apologetic manner) against Jews, the LGBTIQ community, Muslims, African Americans and illegal immigrants. The Neo-Nazis carried flags with swastikas and posters with Neo-Nazi slogans, some threw up their hands in straight-arm Nazi salutes! A member of the National Socialist Movement was photographed appearing to be urinating on an Israeli flag (for which he apologised about later – explaining he is a Jew and was dared to do it by a congregation member of his local synagogue). Members of the same movement were also recorded tearing up the Gay Pride Parade Flags (before apologising and offering to ‘pay’ for replacements). There were no injuries or violence between Nazi Party Members and Gay Parade participants – as there was no real aggression.

Zionists Joined the Neo-Nazis!

Bizarrely, after what appeared to be a token ‘stand-off’ a number of Neo-Nazis joined the ranks of the Gay Pride – apparently celebrating their ‘gayness’ – and a number of Jews carrying Israeli Flags took their place amongst the Neo-Nazis – all of whom appeared to know one another! Gay people then started performing the straight-arm salute and everything going on in the crowd became a little confused! Whilst supporting vicious Neo-Nazi regimes throughout Eastern Europe (mostly around Russia) – it seems that the notion of political ‘left’ and ‘right’ in the US has become ‘blurred’ and problematic. Gay people would run up to Neo-Nazis and ‘fall down at their feet’ without being hurt – shouting ‘Ouch! That Hurt!’ From an outside perspective all this seems like White sugar dissolving when coming into contact with hot water! Whilst all this interaction was going on – ‘Two Tribes’ was being blasted-out by Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

Ouch! Non-Binary Person Falls Down ‘Near’ the Far-right!

Russian Language Article:

Неонацисты пытались помешать гей-параду в Детройте
8 июня в Детройте проходил парад гордости Motor Citу Pride Festival. Помешать представителям сексуальных меньшинств попытались члены Национал-Социалистического Движения (National Socialist Movement). Это oднa из caмыx влиятeльныx и aктивныx ультpaпpaвыx opгaнизaций в США, выcтупaющaя пpoтив eвpeeв, ЛГБTИK-cooбщecтвa, муcульмaн, aфpoaмepикaнцeв и нeлeгaльнoй иммигpaции. Неонацисты несли флаги co cвacтикaми и плaкaты co cлoгaнaми NSM, нeкoтopыe — вcкидывaли pуки в нaциcтcкиx пpивeтcтвияx. Был сфотографирован член Национал-Социалистического Движения, который, похоже, мочился на флаг Израиля. Также были зафиксированы члены того же движения, разрывающие флаг парада гордости. Ранений или насилия между членами партии и участниками парада зарегистрировано не было.

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