Ukrainians Turning on One Another! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 15! (21.3.2022)

A Middle-Aged Man Beaten in Kyiv for Expressing Support for Maidan!

With the Red (sorry ‘Russian’) Army encircling the place, right-minded Ukrainians are starting to stamp-down on the lunatic fringe that has been doing the bidding of the US, UK and EU for the last eight years under the guise of Neo-Nazism! This man was beaten by locals and had to be rescued by a Russian Tank Commander!

если митинги запрещены, зачем ходить на митинги, зачем спорить с военными? на кой черт лезть на разжен? вот результат я хотел там воевать кончилось тогда идти в армию служить а не флажками на площади махать

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