The Communists Are Coming (If You Don’t Like It – Study Marx and Stop Supporting Hitler)!

We must collectively gather and build a ‘data-base’ of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! This is how we – the ordinary people – assist the brave Russian Army in its righteous offensive against US, UK and EU-backed Neo-Nazism in Ukraine! Where our national governments and controlled media are failing us – we must stand-up on our own and support Russia in this holy war against a resurrected Hitlerism! This is nothing short of a NEW Great Patriotic War and our descendants will judge us in future upon where we stand today! Make sure you are on the side of the working-class – the most progressive class that will eventually defeat predatory capitalism and build a Socialist Society for a Communist tomorrow! It is us – the Communists – who have always stood-up to the fascists and who have always led the fight and died first! Raise the Red Flag and charge forward in any way you can, Comrades! Water the ground with our red blood – the Workers are coming and no force in the universe can stop their advance!  To achieve this inevitable victory – the working-class must be strictly organised and exhibit an iron-like discipline and determination! “NOT A SINGLE STEP BACKWARDS!”

If I had my way, I would have Barack Obama arrested and brought to Moscow for trail. This man – the first ‘Black’ President of America – actually conspired for the right-wing lunatics that comprised the ‘Eurro-Maidan’ regime to illegally take power from the democratically elected government in the Ukraine in 2014! He is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the Ukraine – but he also encouraged and strengthened the Neo-Nazi governments of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! Yes – a ‘Black’ American man did all this damage to humanity because he adheres to the socio-economic ideology of predatory capitalism! He believes that ‘profit’ is more important than ‘human goodness’! Well, Mr Obama, the Russian people – and the Russian Army profoundly disagrees with you! I disagree with you and so do millions of like-minded people around the world! We put the welfare of human beings first and profit second, if at all! We dedicate ourselves to the fight against inequality and the sickness of monetary profit! Fascism and Neo-Nazism is our enemy and vow to expose and fight it to the end! Yes – you and your ilk control the media – so what? You cannot control our inner thoughts and we condemn you and the fascism you have unleashed upon the world!

Dear Comrades – stand-up and be counted! Reject the pro-racist and pro-capitalist message of your bourgeois-controlled media! Do not accept this endless stream of lies! Make-up your mind to be Revolutionary! It starts with being inwardly honest and outwardly active and decisive! Be an active member of the worker-class and join millions around the world so that we can collectively overcome this collective nightmare! The Russian people are carry-out a tremendously import and and Revolutionary act! We can help them fight! Let our words be as effective as their bullets! Aim our ideas of support and FIRE at the targets we need to hit! Disagree and move forward! From today we are ALL Red Army soldiers! Onwards my dear Comrades – onwards to the future!

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