Russian Army: Infantry Street Clearing! (21.3.2022)

Remember Stalingrad – Russian Excel at Street Fighting!

Street clearing throughout Mariupol. House by House, floor by floor and room by room! The Western paymasters have ordered Zelensky to hold onto something in Donbass so that NATO could theoretically come to his aid!

AFU Have Put a Stubborn Rearguard In Place – Possibly a Cadre of Foreign Troops Wearing Ukrainian Uniforms – a NATO Proxy!

I suspect that the troops continuing to fight here, are not Ukrainian but some kind of NATO contingent in Ukrainian uniforms – tasked with gaining combat experience against modern Russian troops. This could involve the British SAS or the US Green Berets, Nszy Seals or Delta Force, etc. It could also be the British SBS, Marines, Paratroopers or the like! The objective is to gain practical experience – what is termed ‘reconnaissance by fire’ – with the mission camouflaged as ‘fighting for a city’! The West doesn’t give a shit about Ukraine – but only retaining the dominance of its predatory capitalist system!

Each Room is Calmly Cleared of Neo-Nazi!

Conversely, I suspect Chinese and North Korean troops will be fighting with the Russians, possibly with Cubans. This keeps experience levels high and offers experience to young troops with no combat exposure. It gives troops Brough up within Communist ideology to see how troops refined under capitalist ideology think and operate! A dangerous but necessary game of gaining experience and maturity.

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