Russia Leads the Way in ‘Banning’ Facebook! (21.3.2022)

This is a vitally important move for the freedom and general rights of humanity! China and North Korea already ‘ban’ Facebook – but not because they do not allow ‘freedom of speech’ – as the internet is thriving in these countries, but rather these ‘Socialist’ countries do not allow ‘US-controlled’ private-firms to operate on their territory using the facade that they are ‘social media’ acting in the best interests of humanity! NO! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a host of others, exist to ‘direct’ and ‘manipulate’ US public opinion so that it does not deviate from US government policy! When US ‘social media’ then spreads into other countries – it keeps fulfilling exactly the same purpose! It does this because US government policy is always ‘bourgeois’ and the bourgeoisie currently run, as a class, the entire Western world! What this means is that a company like ‘Meta’ can enter a country like the UK and ignore all British laws that protect UK citizen expression – and instead apply its US rules and regulations as if it were still in the US – implying that all British people are citizens of the US! The British government allows this gross violation of its sovereignty because the Rothschild family own the Bank of England and if Britain in anyway ‘opposes’ this form of US neo-imperialism, the US would simply ‘stop’, or ‘disrupt’ the money flow through the country! Hence, the British people lose their rights because the US controls our banking system and now controls our social media! In reality, when Meta operates in countries outside of the US, it should alter its operating regulations to express this shift in local conditions – but it does not (this is the blatant ‘imperialism’ that Meta operates). Instead, Meta enters our ‘free’ countries and operates like a conqueror! It is ourselves who must ‘pay’ for its services whilst being oppressed in this manner, and ‘alter’ our behaviour and expectations to conform to those of US neo-imperialism! NO! Russia is right – whilst China and the DPRK have been right for decades! The US is a democratically elected fascist regime and every truly FREE person in the world should oppose US neo-imperialism in every way possible – and that includes confronting all the fascistic and imperialistic regimes the US has enforced upon the world!  

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