Kyiv: Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 13! (22.3.2022)

There Are Women POWs

67 Ukrainian military surrendered near Kiev, among them were Neo-Nazis who tried to pass off their fascist tattoos as “signs” of a regular military unit! The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) already know that the Russian ‘Special Operation’ is here to ‘liberate’ the masses from the US, UK and EU backed-Neo-Nazi Junta that has cause havoc amongst the people since 2014! Part of the ‘lie’ of the West is that there are NO Neo-Nazi! If that is true – why is the US,UK and EU governments still sending massive ship-loads of armaments dressed directly to Neo-Nazi outfits!

All POWs Are Searched!

These frames show that there are women among the prisoners. All are searched carefully and thoroughly for hidden weaponry and contraband, etc. All Neo-Nazi markings are manually recorded, filmed and photographed to form a body of legal evidence. This will all be used in the up-coming ‘Human Rights’ Trial where it will be presented to the world as evidence of just what the US, UK and EU has been doing not only in the Ukraine, but throughout Eastern Europe!


Neo-Nazi Markings Are Carefully Noted

67 украинских военных сдались в плен под Киевом, среди них оказались неонацисты, которые попытались выдать свои татуировки за «знак воинской части»

Many Neo-Nazis Hide Amongst Ordinary Soldiers

На этих кадрах видно, что среди пленных есть и женщины.


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