Insidious Ukrainian Anti-Russian and Anti-Belarusian Immigration Racism! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 18! (21.2.2022)

Highly Unprofessional Behaviour from the ‘Racist’ Ukrainian Passport Control Officials!

Translator’s Note: We must collectively gather and build a ‘data-base’ of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! This is how we – the ordinary people – assist the brave Russian Army in its righteous offensive against US, UK and EU-backed Neo-Nazism in Ukraine! Where our national governments and controlled media are failing us – we must stand-up on our own and support Russia in this holy war against a resurrected Hitlerism! This is nothing short of a NEW Great Patriotic War and our descendants will judge us in future upon where we stand today! Make sure you are on the side of the working-class – the most progressive class that will eventually defeat predatory capitalism and build a Socialist Society for a Communist tomorrow! It is us – the Communists – who have always stood-up to the fascists and who have always led the fight and died first! Raise the Red Flag and charge forward in anyway you can, Comrades! Water the ground with our red blood – the Workers are coming and no force in the universe can stop their advance! ACW (21.3.2022)

🇺🇦🏴‍☠️Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Passport Controllers declared war on Russians and Belarusians – people’s passports are spoiled The Russophobic hysteria of Ukrainians has also spread to Belarus, already at the level of State structures.


On the 1st page of the passports of Belarusians after the control at the border of Ukraine and Poland appeared “Glory to Ukraine”. In the passport of a one-year-old Russian, when crossing the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, they wrote “Killer this child!”


In his mother’s passport they wrote: “you’re going to die, you bitch”, “all of you Muscovites will be in zinc coffins”, “we will kill you all”. Then the last two pages were torn out of the passport and defiantly burned. And this country is still dreaming of being in the EU…


🇺🇦🏴‍☠️Украинские нацисты-пограничники объявили войну русским и белорусам – людям портят паспорта

Русофобская истерия украинцев перекинулась и на Беларусь, уже на уровне госструктур. На 1-й странице паспортов белорусов после контроля на границе Украины и Польши появилось “Слава Украине”.

В паспорте годовалого россиянина же при пересечении украинско-молдавской границы написали “Ребёнок убийцы”. В паспорте его мамы написали: «сука ты сдохнешь», «вы все москали будете в цинковых гробах», «мы вас всех убьем». Затем вырвали из паспорта 2 последних листа и демонстративно сожгли. И эта страна ещё мечтает в ЕС…

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