Donbass: Max Kolesnikov (Artilleryman) Captured by Anti-Fascists! Neo-Nazi New Round Up Issue 17! (21.3.2022)

Max Kolesnikov – the ‘Terror’ of Donbass!

Although a Jewish-business owner – got into the army on mobilization and became a gunner. It was during this experience that he found himself. However, in his spare time, he liked to write online. This is where he expressed his ‘Neo-Nazi’ ideology in practical terms! He threatened the dissidents of Kiev and the Russian residents of Donbass with a ‘race-war’ which see them ‘wiped-out’. At one point, he even promised to conquer all of Russia! When Zelenksy came to power, he was told of this ‘Jew’ aligning himself (as a ‘Zionist’) with all kinds of Hitlerite ideology aimed at ethnic Russians! Apparently, by an order of Zelensky, most of the ‘Zionist’ statements of Max Kolesnikov were ‘deleted’ – but in fact a large number were saved for future reference.

Max Kolesnikov is an example of a modern Jew who whilst opposing the far-right’s anti-Jewish ideology – supports the far-right in virtually every other aspect! Whereas Russian soldiers would fight and give-up their lives for the safety of Jews like ‘Max Kolesnikov ‘ – his hate filled ‘Zionist’ ideology would ‘support’ the very same far-right in its killing of those very Russian soldiers! In a peaceful life, he is probably a caring husband and father, a good family man. But for some reason he denied the right to life to ordinary residents of Donbass. We hope de-Nazification will help him realize his mistakes. @OpenUkraine

Макс Колесников, артиллерист, пленный антифашистов. О нем нам написал наш читатель.

Владелец бюргерной попал в армию по мобилизации, стал наводчиком и нашёл себя. Угрожал инакомыслящим киевлянам, стучал на них. Активно наполнял базу данных сайта миротворец, угрожал русским жителям Донбасса, обещал завоевать всю Россию, пиарился на том, что эффективный артиллерист. После прихода к власти Зеленского с испугу потёр все свои посты до 2016 года с разнообразными САУшками в обнимку и разжиганием ненависти.

В мирной жизни он наверняка заботливый муж и отец, хороший семьянин. Но почему-то отказал в праве на жизнь простым жителям Донбасса. Надеемся денацификация поможет ему осознать ошибки


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