British Sniper Spotted Ukrainian Army Checkpoint! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 20! (21.3.2022)

No Nsne as Yet – But We Are Working On It! The Picture Has Been proven real.

‼️British mercenary – looks like a sniper – with a Finnish Tikka T3x rifle from the Foreign Legion. Oddly, photographed at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – not sure exactly where – but working on it! Remember a few years ago a British man volunteered to drive an ambulance in Donbass (for the Socialists) – when he returned to the UK he was trued as a ‘Terrorist’ and put in prison for five-years! This British man above is a Neo-Nazi who has raped, killed and pillaged the Ukraine – but the British media refers to him as a ‘heto’! It is a funny kind of Hero you would never want to be left alone with your children!

❗️❗️❗️Три мощнейших ракетных удара по аэродрому Краматорска, где базируется техника и личный состав ВСУ

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