Azov Battalion in Action – Outskirts of Kyiv! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 19! (21.3.2022)

Fascist Thugs Fire On Fleeing Civilians!

A care full of young children was stopped at an checkpoint on the outskirts of Kyiv! Much is made in the West of Zelensky being a Jew – but what the BBC will it tell you is that his personal Militia is the Azov Neo-Nazi Battalion which (like Hitler and the SS) will only take orders directly from him! Zelensky – the darling of the West – is obviously issuing orders that innocent men, women and children are to be ‘shot’ ad hoc at checkpoints simply because they are attempting to flee the fighting! This is the Neo-Nazi Ukraine that the US, UK and EU are supporting! Do not accept this nightmare, rise up and be free!

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